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The premise of this website is to continue presenting information pertaining to the immediate future and the relationship of this knowledge to the ending of a period forecast more than 5000 years ago. The “ending” of the Mayan calendar in 2012 was the beginning of the period we are now entering which is a very significant and important new period for humanity. Comets and asteroids will play an important role in our near future with a great influence upon long-term events. The book, Seven Mountains and the Red Star (still available) explains the importance of knowing our immediate future while the painting on our homepage repeats the theme with imagery. The Mayan book of Chilam Balam, of Mayan prophecy, states: “Then there shall come the Seven Mountains, the Red Star, and in the wind swollen sky the house of the storms in the 17 tun - - -.”  Does the “red star” represent planet X, for which Clyde Tombaugh was searching when he discovered Pluto in 1930? Planet X has now been identified and its pertinent statistics lay hidden with other classified, astronomical information regarding changes to a New Beginning scenario. Are more dramatic comet or asteroid swarms coming in our near future?  

That single date/year in a calendar was merely a marker measured against celestial time - a minute, single dot in a grand cosmic scheme. It was a sign on the interstate indicating an exit and new direction. That period-ending “celestial sign” in 2012 was critical as we recorded passing time, and it was important that a people in Central America keep an accurate record of this passing period.

The year 2012 indicated an ending of the last 5,200 year, Mayan Great Year – ending a period that began in 3114 BC. The Maya recognized five Great Years totaling 26,000 years – the time required for the sun to rise at the Spring Equinox, in all twelve constellations of the Zodiac. So, one 26,000 year equinoctial period, marked by one day, December 21, 2012,(the winter solstice) was only a small but very significant exit sign, telling us we were leaving a familiar and well-traveled road and entering a path marked by signs unrecognizable by those not respecting the ancient records.

Intellects responsible for a highly-developed civilization originating in ancient Mesopotamia, has informed us of a rather obscure and not-so-comfortable destination. The year 2012 was a beginning, not an ending - a beginning of what?                                                                                                                              



At this time it is very difficult to obtain honest, informative, and unbiased, up-to-date cosmic news so that we may prepare for coming global changes. You will not find what I label the “real news’ on any mainstream news source today. Instead, you are forced to search the many sources available in different media, primarily the Internet. From these sources one must have the resolve to choose, compare, and judge a core of truth running through the labyrinth of deliberate subterfuge and blatant ignorance.  My goal is to help fill the news void/distortion presented to a general public now entering the grinding mill of culture change. Natural selection abhors apathy. Therefore, you are  responsible for your own survival.

     This website is dedicated to informing visitors of current events regarding the changing scene in astronomy, climate change, distorted historical facts, and the role of private individuals researching the present reality of current, cosmic events. The material presented herein adheres to scientific fact as a first priority, but also, just as the Big Bang of creation and Black Holes of galaxies, material can be theoretical and speculative – and opinionated at times. Honesty and sincerity will always be guiding principles.   Alan


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        “This is an extremely valuable publication. There are many “trigger” words in here that relates to some of my own experiences - - - Again, thank you. Your book is like a family diary. I now understand what prompted me to e-mail you in the first place.”

Maggie in British Columbia:  November 30, 2010


“I do know that your book is important, factually based and written, and most importantly to me, it explains to those that “don’t get it” how to digest these facts. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for sharing your book and gifting us with your knowledge. I will be ordering more books.”

Jade, in New Mexico: November 3, 2010