Rock Art and Singing in the Sky.


As an artist, I take great interest in identifying reasons for certain, related rock art images dispersed throughout the globe. I’ve incorporated some of the graphic images displayed on this website with my own technique of painting. The right, vertical painting depicts the two images in #4 of the “Rock Art and Singing in the Sky” page. The left, horizontal painting uses #17 – rock art at the V Bar V site, near Sedona Arizona.


Comets As Capacitors  
Middle Eastern Migrations  
Climate Change - Chemtrails  
A New Beginning!  

Dragon's Tale of Fear

Rock Carvings Divulge A Secret

Controversy Accompanies 2012 Date

Comet Swarm a Reality

Folktails Becoming A Reality

Rising Sea Levels Not Unique Event
Dramatic Global Warming Not Caused By Man
Electric Dragons

Man's Time and Cosmic Time

The Stranger
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        “This is an extremely valuable publication. There are many “trigger” words in here that relates to some of my own experiences - - - Again, thank you. Your book is like a family diary. I now understand what prompted me to e-mail you in the first place.”

Maggie in British Columbia:  November 30, 2010


“I do know that your book is important, factually based and written, and most importantly to me, it explains to those that “don’t get it” how to digest these facts. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for sharing your book and gifting us with your knowledge. I will be ordering more books.”

Jade, in New Mexico: November 3, 2010